bad hotel

Написано: 5 августа 2014
Время поездки: 20 — 27 июля 2014
Оценка отеля:
из 10
Оценки отеля по критериям:
Номера: 3.0
Сервис: 1.0
Чистота: 3.0
Питание: 3.0
Инфраструктура: 3.0
I am the second time in hotel. Degradation is available. Surprisingly inhospitable hotel.
I arrived in 12 nights and the Reception was closed. There is it works only till 10th evening. Rare idlers reformers of hotel business.
You come to hotel in which you don't wait! !
Somehow I found number. Normal human and clear navigation in hotel is absent.
From a reception to number of meters 150 on a rain and dirt.
Elevators are absent - it was necessary on the third floor пререть suitcases.
About thermal sources told lies - usual thrown and not the well-groomed pool with the very strongly chlorinated water. Where it you saw curative sources with bleaching powder! !
Operating mode of Spa separate subject. In the 12th day they disperse all - idlers have dinner.
Certainly about any stars here the speech can't go.
I took to drive with the company sigvey-palmed off not a readable piece of paper - sign. I thought formality. If. Drove. Handed over сигвеи. Next day expose to me the account-668евро.
It appeared these robbers have specially fulfilled technology of depriving of your money.
The strapper Alexander approaches to you and with an ominous look speaks to you that you made two breakages сигвея, and in a piece of paper which they palmed off on you 250 euros for each smallest breakage are written.
You don't accept them attentively. To mind doesn't come. Receive! ! ominous look Alexander tells this to you that it found scratch on a wheel - pay. And at once starts threatening with police. It is clear that politsay in this village very familiar person who always will be on his party works.
Simply racket. No conversation on an insurance and other civilized things can go speeches.
Clients in Gr?ner Baum not simply don't love. Them hate. They prevent them to live quietly.
The history with sigvey in general smells slightly of a crime. Arrival on trust of his tourist with threats and with extortion of money. Clearly that сигвеи not new, go on the mountains, and scratches on them it is possible to find enough.
Worse that-I to it signed the account for 700 euros at the check a miss, so Alexander smashed 250 more removed. Pure crime.
Weather didn't indulge. And when the first day there was a sun people stretched to the street pool. Not here that was! there workers started scraping a wooden covering round the pool. Asked them not to rustle. Not here that was. Sent. Very roughly and impolitely.
Numbers outdated. Don't conform to standards.
The hotel hardly pulls on three stars.
In the morning for breakfast gave for mouldy bread. Juice in shot glasses from under vodka on 50 grams.